Dating and Relationship Coaching
  • Founder of Best Self Studio 

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC) 

  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)

  • Dating Profile Photographer

Ready to bring your dating life or relationship with your partner to the next level?

Want to learn more about yourself and communicate your needs better? 

Want to know truth about relationships and what you need to do to have a happy life with another human being?

Let's connect!

Together we will explore:

  • Relationship expectations

  • Assumptions, interpretations and limiting beliefs around dating and relationships

  • How to deal with inner critic

  • Values

  • How to say genuine "yes" and "no" in relationships

  • Deal breakers

... and many more!

With dating and relationship coach you will learn to trust  yourself, get clarity about yourself, evaluate what's important to you and why, and create an action plan to shift your life from fine to fantastic!

More info at annamorgancoaching.com

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Intimacy Coaching, Tantra 

Intimacy Coaching, Tantra
  • Certified Tantra Educator

  • Holistic Sex & Intimacy Coach

  • Registered Yoga Teacher

  • Reiki Master

I am a coach, educator, and healer who supports couples and individuals in deepening their intimacy and exploring their sexuality using an approach combining aspects of mindfulness and Tantra.


Merging and embracing physicality and spirituality and creating a pleasurable and empowering mind-body-spirit connection first with yourself and then with others have been her life-long passion, that blossomed into a holistic intimacy coaching practice in 2017. 

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