I am happy to announce my new online workshop "PHOTOGRAPHY FOR DATING: How To Stand Out On Dating Websites!".

The quality of your pictures can determine the success of your dating profile. As the first element seen by a potential partner, profile pictures should ideally be high quality and flattering while representing you in a genuine way.

As a photographer as well as a dating and relationship coach, I combined the technical aspects of taking pictures with the psychology behind self-representation in preparing this workshop. I believe it will help you achieve better results in online dating and attract more opportunities to meet a good match.

Taking good pictures is easy if you know the main principles of composition and making good choices in your look and location.

We will talk about:

- What messages your picture will send to potential dates

- Common mistakes on dating websites

- A new way of taking pictures

After this workshop, you will be able to create great profile photos and stand out from the crowd!