Dan was born as the youngest of five to an Irish Catholic family.  At an early age, he felt he had the calling for a spiritual path, but had little knowledge of what this path was other than being a priest.  In his twenties as an undergrad, he took a route away from Catholicism into the world of evangelical Christianity.  As a successful leader in that community for seven years, he began to see the superficiality and danger of this spirituality, reaching for a deeper sense of authenticity and mindfulness within himself.  This led him on a rich and profound inner journey for the past 35 years through various Eastern and Western faiths, Unitarianism, depth psychology, many personal development paths, the sex-positive movement, and mysticism.  Dan continues on his own path of growth by integrating requisite insights and teachings to his practice along with his own daily practice of meditation, chanting, and yoga. 

Concurrently, Dan has worked as an organizational change and leadership development consultant for 30 plus years.  Working as an internal consultant for 20 years and building a private consulting practice for 10 years, the focus of his work has been on creating effective collaborative relationships among groups and developing capable and confident leaders.  His use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and The Hogan assessment helps him assess his client's tendencies and preferences as well as their values, motivations, and stress hurdles.  Dan has been building leaders in healthcare for 20 plus years along with other industries. 


Dan earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Northern Vermont University, a Master of Science degree in Organizational Change and Leadership from the American University, Washington, D.C. in 1993.  Dan was Assistant Professor at Newbury College and Adjunct Professor for the Masters program at Emmanuel College for twelve years.

Dan has integrated and weaved both his personal and professional experience and knowledge together to use as a gentle, accepting yet potent approach to help individuals and partners uncover what brings them joy, integration, and wholeness in their lives.

Dan was married for 28 years but he and his wife agreed that they would walk separate paths but remain deep and meaningful friends.  He has a beautiful 23-year-old daughter and he lives alone in Dorchester, MA where he teaches, coaches, loves dogs, and writes his poetry blog called Truechapters.com. 

This quote from Thomas Moore reflects best Dan’s calling and work: “Far beneath the many thick layers of indoctrination about who we are and who we should be lies an “original self, the person who came into this world full of possibility and destined for the joyful unveiling.” – Thomas Moore