Best Self Studio Founder | Certified Professional Coach | Matchmaker | Photographer

Anna is a Certified Professional Coach who is specialized in Dating and Relationship Coaching. She seeks to connect people with their true selves by combining her passion for life coaching and photography. Anna believes that true beauty is revealed in authenticity and that creativity and psychological exploration can uncover a new dimension of who people really are. 

In 2020, Anna opened Best Self Studio to create a space for like-minded individuals to connect and work towards personal and professional growth, spiritual exploration, and conscious connection. 



Holistic Sex & Intimacy Coach | Certified Tantra Educator| Yoga Teacher 

Zhanna R. Lee is a coach, educator, and healer who supports couples and individuals in deepening their intimacy and exploring their sexuality using an approach combining aspects of mindfulness and Tantra. Merging and embracing physicality and spirituality and creating a pleasurable and empowering mind-body-spirit connection first with yourself and then with others have been her life-long passion, that blossomed into a holistic intimacy coaching practice in 2017. 



Professional Coach | Certified Myers-Briggs Personality Test Specialist

Dan Dangler is a coach, mystic, change agent, and poet.  He has nurtured a practice of guidance in leadership as well as spiritual, relationship, and sexual growth. His approach and teachings consist of helping seekers discover self-acceptance and inner wisdom while accessing their vast imagination to rediscover their true original, joyful selves. His approach has been influenced by the work of various thought leaders and authors in the fields of archetypal psychology, mysticism, change theory, and mindfulness including Thomas Moore, William Bridges, Carl Jung, James Hillman, John O’Donohue and Thich Nhat Hanh, to name a few.



Style Fix Studio Owner | Personal Stylist / Image Consultant | Web Designer / Digital Marketing Specialist

Yana Anders is a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant based in Waltham, MA. She specializes in Total Image Makeover and Building a Capsule Wardrobe.


As a personal stylist Yana addresses a person’s image through the lens of fashion and helps her clients identify their unique style. She assists them by cultivating their styling needs and making them look their best and feel confident.


In her Style Fix Studio Yana Anders helps her clients with every part of their styling journey – from auditing and organizing their closet, to putting outfits together and developing their personal authentic style that is in synch with who they are.