Event Leads:  Anna Morgan & Zhanna Lee

Duration: 1 hour 20 min

Maximum People: 8

We are happy to announce our new project for singles! 


4 Elements Dating offers a deeper and more meaningful take on traditional speed dating.


We believe that successful dating is more than just superficial conversation. At our events, we create a space for natural, deep, and authentic interaction, allowing you to connect with the energy of your potential partner. The atmosphere we provide helps participants to be their genuine selves.


How does it work? 


Step 1. We send you a questionnaire and based on your answers we put you in a group consisting of 4 women and 4 men. This mini group would be based on your interests and aligned with your dating parameters and purpose.  


Step 2. You get a tutorial about what to expect and how to prepare for your dating event.  


Step 3. When the group of 8 people is formed, we invite you to your dating event where you will have 3 rounds with each potential match.  


Step 4.  After the event, you will complete a questionnaire, indicating who you're interested in. If you have a match, we will provide their contact information.  


Step 5.  You can become a member of our Dating support group, offering the opportunity to meet more people and share your journey of finding love.  


We also offer individual pre-dating consultations where you can discuss your  beliefs, fears, and concerns. We will help you build confidence and reduce anxiety.