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Best Self Studio is a unique place that unites individuals who want to connect and grow with like-minded people.  


Our events, workshops and classes are designed to expand people's potential and give new perspectives in life.

Our work is based on such things as:

- self-love and self-acceptance 

- conscious dating and relationships

- positive energy and abundance

- healthy lifestyle 

At our Studio we work with professionals who offer valuable expertise and experience. We encourage coaches, therapists, speakers, healers, yoga teachers, artists, photographers, etc. to share their passion and knowledge in order to help others to live their best lives.

Our coaches offer support groups for men, support groups for women, dating events, dating assistance, relationship coaching, intimacy coaching, tantra workshops, personal development workshops, and many more.


More information about the Studio is here... 


The mission of our coaches is to encourage individuals to find their true purpose in dating and relationships and to also help couples grow together and achieve love and happiness in their partnerships.

This is only possible by growing inside-out and connecting with our true self. This connection involves self-work, self-care and awareness of who we really are!

We are looking for like-minded people who are passionate about exploring and creating truth in relationships that work. We believe that the most successful model for a relationship is a “partnership!”

Neither men nor women default to a partnership; it is a conscious process involving self awareness, communication, and mutual growth. Partnerships result from conscious choices made in each moment. They are a victory of the human spirit. We are here to help guide you in that process!


Dating and relationships are often impacted by previous negative experiences. causing fears, disappointments, and self-doubt to interfere with the love and connection we all seek. These thoughts keep our minds in the past and create a future based on those limiting thoughts and feelings. We can help you change that!

In order to approach dating and relationships with a healthier mindset, it's important to ask: What do I need to understand about myself before I start to look for another person in my life?

It all starts here, at Best Self Studio!

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